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Gael Varoquaux: Scientific data visualization using Mayavi2

Published 2009
Topics python

Talk given by Gael Varoquaux to the "Python 4 Science" group at UC Berkeley on July 14, 2009. Gael formerly worked at Enthought and is now working at INRIA, NeuroSpin, as a research fellow in applied math for neuroscience problems. He uses Mayavi2 extensively and helped contribute to its development.

Gael Varoquaux will talk about the evolution from interactive exploration to scripting to application building in the context of scientific data analysis, specifically using the tools in Mayavi2.

Note: A zip file containing the example code handed out in the talk can be downloaded from the "All Files - HTTP" link on the left. File name is:

Producer UC Berkeley Python 4 science
Audio/Visual sound, color


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